Active Ingredient : Alpha Cypermethrin: 50 g / l
Category : Insecticide
Packaging : 500 ml & 1 liter
Registered Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Chili Armyworm (Spodoptera litura) 2 ml/l
Suggested Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Chili Thrips (Thrips parvispinus) 1.0 ml/l 1.0 ml/l
Potato Thrips (Thrips parvispinus) 0.5 – 1.0 ml/l 0.5 – 1.0 ml/l
Orange Aphids (Toxoptera sp.) Diaphorina citri 0.5 ml/l 0.5 ml/l
Soybean Armyworm (Spodoptera litura) 1.5-2.0 ml/l 1.5-2.0 ml/l
Onion Armyworm (Spodoptera exigua) 1.5-2.0 ml/l 1.5-2.0 ml/l
Cabbage Caterpillar (Crocidolomia pavonana) Diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) 2 ml / l
Product Feature:

Work effectively to control various types of Crop pests especially caterpillars beetles, aphids and Thrip pests., The method of double acting as a contact poison and stomach poison., Work quickly to kill insect pests in a relatively short time., Low dose so that use is more economical., Does not cause phytotoxic so it is safe for Crops., Can be mixed with other insecticides from organophosphate groups including: chlorpyrifos profenofos and triazofos., The effect lasts a long time

Mode of Action:

It is a broad spectrum type –II synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. It is an enriched enantiomeric mixture of two isomers of cypermethrin., It has both contact and stomach action., It prevents sodium channels in an organism’s neuronal membranes from closing resulting in paralysis


Use pentabarbitone in any vein at the rate of 0.7 g per day until poisoning is cured