Get to Know Our Journey

  • 2015

    Indoin Business group was established in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Extensive field surveys and market research conducted.

    Established blueprint of key markets and products for Indonesia.

    Acquired brands and registrations from local player BAP Indonesia.

    Setup of systems and processes along with other stake holders.

    Raised seed funding.

  • 2016

    Acquisition of 2 brands & registration from FMC Indonesia.

    Acquired Brands of PT Meghmani Organics, Indonesia.

    Establish Sales and Marketing team across Indonesia.

    Launched Seed company PT MASCO Agri Genetics.

    Packed Product ready in plant.

    Multiple tie-ups with top Agrochemical technical manufacturers for registration of unique and new chemistry products.

    Entry to Palm Plantation Insect control segment with big product volumes.

  • 2017

    Shifted to new corporate office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Acquired brands and registrations from ZEENIX Group, Malaysia.

    Establish Product Development Team across major islands of Indonesia.

    Launched hybrid corn in Indonesia. Entered agreement with government for supply of Corn seed.

    Acquired brands from PT ROLIMEX Indonesia.

    Launched Exclusive and Flag ship brand EMPEROR and MONALISA.

    Acquired Abamectin brand RODAMEC in Indonesia.

    Started CSR initiative under INDOIN CARES.

  • 2018

    Applied more then 20 new registrations of unique and new chemistry products and combinations.

    Received an award for the fastest growing agro input company in Indonesia by CMO, Asia.

    Team size increased multifold across verticals.

    Product testing for various vegetables seeds, nutrition & crop protection products started in India.

    Launched unique corn herbicide combi formulation in Indonesia – 1 st company in the world to launch the product.

    Signed MOU with Uttarakhand govt. for setting up fertilizer and bio-product unit.

  • 2019

    Launched one of the most promising product “Herbinator” in corn herbicide segment.

    Started Indian operations with headquarters at New Delhi and market entry in 3 North Indian states.

    Introduced selected crop protection and Bio Fertilizer range in India (July 2019).

    Initiated CSR activities in India under INDOIN CARES by sponsoring Marathon team from hilly state of Uttarakhand.

    Finalized INDOIN production unit in Gujarat, India. 50+ Product (CIB) registrations applied in India.

    Started trials and testing of many new & unique combination products in India.

    Became biggest player in BLUE MANCOZEB segment in Indonesian market.

  • 2020

    Launched unique corn herbicide “Fastdone” with 3 way combination in Indonesia.

    Completed setup and commissioning of formulation unit in Gujarat, India.

    Launched multiple products in Agrochemicals and Bio fertilizer segment.

    Complete Team setup in India.

    Started operations in Uttar Pradesh, India market.

  • 2021

    7 new products launched including unique insecticides “Emdox” and “Demeter”.

    Launched Unique herbicide “Trifast” for onion crop.

    Commencement of ERP system in Indonesia.

    Launch of operations in Western India.

  • 2022

    Indoin tie-up with FMC for exclusive distribution rights of “FERTERRA” Brand for Indonesia.

    Achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification milestone.

    Operations expanded in 6 states of West and North India. Team size crossed 300+ in India and Indonesia.

    Selling 70+ brands in both agrochemical and plant nutrition segment.

    Our new generation corn herbicide “Fastdone” has been awarded as Best Performance Product in 2022 by Indonesia Achievement Magazine.

    Participated in B20 (Part of G20 Summit) held at Bali, Indonesia.

    Launched exclusive Future Talent Internship Program (Field Army) across Indonesia for fresh agricultural graduates from reputed Universities.

    One of the first company to introduce Pymetrozine (Flagship Brand- ZIOFY) & Pymetrozine combinations (Flagship Brand- Stardior) after patent expiry.

    Launched crop nutrition product “INDOBOOM” and paddy herbicide “Kenshi” in Indonesia.

    Inaugurated New Corporate Office at Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Incorporated INDOIN SINGAPORE PTE LTD for Strategic Expansion.

    Celebrated 7th Anniversary of Indoin. Organized countrywide badminton championship.

About Our Logo

Each alphabet in Pictorial logo of INDOIN is symbolic to our philosophy.

Green color of IndoIn symbolizes prosperity, health, value and nature.

The tricolor leafs separated by white background at the start of logo represent flag color of Indonesia and India from where the name INDOIN is derived. The three colors represent Passion, Energy and New hope.

Real Value

Learn About Real Value Brand

Brand which stands on the existence of fact, not imagined or supposed and proves to be something it held to deserve in importance and usefulness.

FALSE VALUE build on customers ignorance and hyped branding will wipe with customers awareness and REAL VALUE experience.

INDOIN with its REAL VALUE BRANDS is committed to provide useful and economical farm solutions for sustainable Agriculture.

Get to Know Our Future


To become worlds most valued company by DELIVERING REAL VALUE to our customers.

Build most trusted association with our partners, customers and team members.


To Change perception of brand from HIGH PRICE TO HIGH VALUE.

Our Values

  • P

  • i

  • v

  • o

  • t

  • We Are Passionate About Our Company, Our Brands And Our Values.

  • We Will Act With Absolute Intergrity.

  • We Will Build And Share Real Value.

  • We Will Do What Needs To Be Done

  • We Recognise That We Are Stronger And More Effective As A Team Than As Individuals.

  • We Are Passionate About Our Company, Our Brands And Our Values.

  • We Will Act With Absolute Intergrity.

  • We Will Build And Share Real Value.

  • We Will Do What Needs To Be Done.

  • We Recognise That We Are Stronger And More Effective As A Team Than As Individuals.