Active Ingredient : Pymetrozine 40% + Dinotefuran 20%
Category : Insecticide
Packaging : 25 gm, 100 gm
Registered Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Paddy (Padi) Brown Plant Hopper (Wereng coklat) 1 g/l
Product Feature:

  • First combination of Pymetrozin and Dinotefuran in Indonesia
  • Both active ingredient ensure high efficacy for BPH
  • STARDIOR 40/20 WG Insecticide contains Pymetrozin + Dinotefuran as an active ingredient, a super-systemic insecticide with quick uptake and knockdown.
  • Translaminar and Systemic Activity: Rapidly translocated to the plant base and easily target the pest.
  • Good Rainfastness: Quickly absorbed by the plant tissue, remain effective even if it rains 2 hours after Hopmaar application.
  • It is works fast action through contact - stomach poison then acts as agonist of insect nicotinic acetylcholine receptors so  It causes cessation of feeding and death within a few hours of contact.
  • Super-systemic insecticide with quick uptake and knockdown action giving effectively longer duration control of Brown Plant Hopper in Rice for number of years in the leading rice growing countries 
  • Has long residual action that provides longer protection, reducing the number of spray application, It is because of its excellent activity, high systemicity and proper stability in the environment
  • It is also a broad spectrum insecticide.
  • Effective on insect resistant to organophosphate, carbamate and/or pyrethroid compound as well as sensitive ones but low cases of resurgence possibility
  • Environment friendly product when used in accordance with its label imposes and has a low toxicity against mammalian, birds and aquatic organisms.
  • The Phytotoxicity at the recommended dosage has not been observed or reported so far.
  • STARDIOR keeps the crop green and healthy resulting improved quality and productivity, due to its high efficacy on target pests.

 Effect on BPH:

  • Stylet blocker: mouthparts gets blocked, no sucking and feeding stop permanently.
  • Paralaysis of plant hopper : paralysis of hind leg, not able to move, falling off from the plants or predation by natural enemies.
  • Prevention of egg laying in adults, so no hopper resurgence or stops BPH Population explosion.


  • STARDIOR 40/20 WG Insektisida mengandung Pimetrozin + Dinotefuran sebagai bahan aktif, insektisida super-sistemik dengan serapan dan “KNOCKDOWN” yang cepat.
  • Kombinasi pertama dari Pimetrozin dan Dinotefuran di Indonesia
  • Kedua bahan aktif memastikan khasiat yang tinggi untuk mengendalikan Wereng
  • Aktivitas Translaminar dan Sistemik: Ditranslokasi dengan cepat ke dasar tanaman dan dengan mudah menargetkan hama
  • Ketahanan Hujan yang Baik: Cepat diserap oleh jaringan tanaman, tetap efektif walaupun hujan 2 jam setelah aplikasi
  • Insektisida berspektrum luas dan super-sistemik dengan penyerapan cepat dan efek KNOCKDOWN memberikan kontrol durasi yang lebih lama secara efektif terhadap Wereng Coklat pada Padi
  • Bekerja dengan aksi cepat melalui racun kontak-lambung kemudian bertindak sebagai agonis reseptor asetilkolin nikotinik hama sehingga menyebabkan penghentian makan dan kematian dalam beberapa jam setelah kontak
  • Memiliki aksi residu panjang yang memberikan perlindungan lebih lama, mengurangi jumlah aplikasi semprotan, Hal ini karena aktivitasnya yang sangat baik, sistemik yang tinggi, dan stabilitas yang baik di lingkungan
  • STARDIOR menjaga tanaman tetap hijau dan sehat sehingga meningkatkan kualitas dan produktivitas, karena efikasinya yang tinggi pada hama sasaran.

 Efek pada Wereng Coklat:

  • Stylet blocker: Mulut tersumbat, tidak ada pengisapan dan penghentian makan secara permanen
  • Kelumpuhan Wereng : kelumpuhan kaki belakang, tidak bisa bergerak, jatuh dari tanaman atau dimangsa oleh musuh alami
  • Pencegahan bertelur pada hama dewasa, sehingga menghentikan ledakan Populasi Wereng Coklat

Mode of Action:


  • First symptoms are visible after 15 minutes. Insects withdraw their stylet and stop feeding within 1 hour. Hoppers do not feed again but remain on the plant leaf for several days and die by way of starvation.


  • Acts through contact, ingestion and results in the cessation of feeding within several hours of contact and death shortly after.
  • It is a unique and new molecule which has a systemic action and translaminar action.
  • It is high solubility made it highly systemic with translaminar action
  • Has systemic action and quickly gets absorbed into the plant, effectively killing the target pests present in the different parts of plant.
  • Has translaminar action due to which spray done on the upper surface of the leaves gets translocated to the lower surface and controls the target insects hiding on the lower side of leaf.


Antidote- No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically.