Active Ingredient : Mancozeb: 80%
Category : Fungicide
Packaging : 800 gr
Registered Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Tomato (Tomat) Late blight (Busuk daun) 2 g/l
Suggested Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Onion (Bawang Merah) Purple spots (Bercak ungu) 2 g / l
Paddy (Padi) leaf spot (Bercak daun); Leaf blight (Hawar daun); Brown spot (Bercak coklat sempit) 3 g / l
Chili (Cabai) Leaf spot (Bercak daun); Anthracnosa (Antraknosa) 2 g / l
Watermelon (Semangka) Downy mildew (Embun bulu) 2 g / l
Melon (Melon) Downy mildew (Embun bulu) 2 g / l
Product Feature:

  • Is a contact fungicide and prevent the growth of plant pathogenic fungi
  • Broad-spectrum fungicide
  • Not phytotoxic if used as recommended
  • It works as both protective and curative
  • an be mixed with other fungicides like copper oxychloride carbendazyme etc.
  • Easily soluble in water and does not clog sprayers


  • Merupakan fungisida kontak dan mencegah tumbuhnya jamur patogen tanaman
  • Fungisida berspektrum luas
  • Tidak ada fitotoksisitas jika digunakan sesuai anjuran
  • Bekerja sebagai pelindung dan kuratif
  • Dapat dicampur dengan fungisida lain seperti copper oxychloride, carbendazyme dan lain-lain
  • Mudah larut dalam air dan tidak menyumbat alat penyemprot

Mode of Action:

  • Mancozeb is a group of dithiocarbamates is a fungicide that reacts and inactivates amino acid sulfhydryl groups and fungal cell enzymes that cause impaired lipid metabolism and respiration


use of 0.2 gram of vitamin C in veins per minute.