Active Ingredient : Metribuzin 70%
Category : Herbicide
Packaging : 100 gr
Registered Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Potato (Kentang) Broadleaf Weed (Gulma Berdaun Lebar): Ageratum conyzoides Borreria alata Synedrella nodiflora Alternanthera piloxeroides Eleusine indica Grass Group Weed (Gulma Golongan Rumput): Digitaria ciliaris Sedges (Teki): Cyperus spp 0.75 – 1 kg / ha
Suggested Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Soybean (Kedelai) Broadleaf Weed (Gulma berdaun Lebar): Borreria spp Grass Group Weed (Gulma Golongan Rumput): Digitaria sspp Sedges (Teki): Cyperus spp 0.5 – 0.75 kg/ha
Sugarcane (Tebu) Broadleaf Weed (Gulma berdaun Lebar): Borreria alata Cleome rutidosprema 1.5 – 3 kg/ha
Tomato (Tomat) Richardia brassiliensis Ipomoea triloba Brachiaria mutica Portulaca oleracea 0.75 – 1 kg/ha
Product Feature:

  • It effectively controls Phalaris minor, which has developed resistance to most of the herbicides in addition to many other grasses and broad leaf weeds.
  • It is economical because of its broad spectrum activity and low dose.
  • Very effective control of various weeds
  • No phytotoxicity when applied as per recommendation


  • Lebih ekonomis karena aktivitas berspektrum luas dan dosis rendah.
  • Sangat efektif mengendalikan berbagai gulma
  • Tidak menyebabkan fitotoksisitas bila diterapkan sesuai rekomendasi

Mode of Action:

  • Selective herbicide that shows good effects against a broad range of annual grass and broad-leaved weeds. It is used across the world in many different crops, including cereals, potatoes, soybeans, sugar cane and vegetables.
  • Metribuzin is suitable for pre-emergence as well as post-emergence treatment, with systemic action, taken up via the roots and through the foliage. For a pre-emergence application there should be an adequate amount of moisture in the soil to achieve good weed control.


No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically (if there is any antidote known then please mention its name)