Active Ingredient : Butachlor 500 g/l
Category : Herbicide
Packaging : 500 ml & 1 Liter
Registered Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Paddy (Padi) Broadleaf Weed (Gulma Berdaun Lebar): (Ludwigia octovalvis) (Monochoria vaginalis) Grass Group Weed (Gulma golongan rumput): (Echinochloa colonum) (Lepthocloa chinensis) (Cynodon dactylon) 1.5 - 3 l / ha
Product Feature:

  • It is a Post Emergent, Broad spectrum selective systemic herbicide for Paddy crops.
  • It is control of annual grasses and certain broad-leaved weeds in rice, both seeded and transplanted in rice plant.
  • It is Non phytotoxic to rice if used according to instructions.
  • It is safe to environment.
  • It doesn’t weed resistance.


  • Herbisida bawang merah pertama di Indonesia dengan 3 bahan aktif
  • Pengendalian gulma berspektrum luas
  • Tidak perlu menambahkan surfaktan apapun
  • Sangat efektif mengendalikan berbagai gulma pada bawang merah
  • Tidak menyebabkan fitotoksisitas bila diterapkan sesuai rekomendasi

Mode of Action:

  • Selective systemic herbicide, absorbed primarily by the germinating shoots, and secondarily by the roots, with translocation throughout the plant, giving higher concentrations in vegetative parts than in reproductive parts.


Antidote- No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically (if there is any antidote known then please mention its name)