Description : Potassium Mobilizing Bacteria based Biofertilizer
Category : Crop Nutrition

INDOBAC POTASH is a bio fertilizer containing Potassium Mobilizing Bacteria, which convert the non-soluble form of potash available in the soil into soluble form of potash to make it available for plant consumption.


Improvement in photosynthesis process., Improve water use efficiency by regulating the activities of plant stometa., Activates enzymes and controls their reaction rates., Participate in carbohydrate metabolism and translocation of starches thus helps in sweetness of various fruits and vegetables., Improves tolerance towards various abiotic and biotic stresses., Important in fruit formation and seed development., Helps in to protein synthesis in plants., Improves the quality of grains fruits and vegetables.

Application Time:

Soil application as basal or 1st top dressing @ 4-8 Kg / acre

Recommended Crops:

all crops