Description : Phosphorus Solubalizing Bacteria based Biofertilizer
Category : Crop Nutrition

INDOBAC PHOSPHORUS is the Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB) based biofertilizer. PSB converts non available form of Phosphorus present in the soil to the available form of Phosphorus for plant. In the crop plants INDOBAC Phosphorus play an important role in the activities like energy storage and transfer, cell division, and enlargement as well as in photosynthesis and respiration.


Early root formation plant growth and development., Improves quality of fruits vegetables, and grains., Increases water-use efficiency., It is vital for the seed formation., Improved the tolerance against various abiotic stresses, It also helps in reducing the maturity duration.

Application Time:

4-8kg/acre as soil application as basal, 1 or 2 top dressing

Recommended Crops:

all crops