Description : Enriched Organic Manure
Category : Crop Nutrition

INDO BOOM is a unique concentrated formula of organic manure, It improves the soil fertility by releasing nutrients and improving the soil structure by enriching the organic matter of soil, which helps in improvement in water holding and nutrient holding capacity of soil. This makes the soil healthy in the long run and the ultimate results are much better than other products in the same segment.


  • Increases soil fertility and improve the soil health
  • Improve seed germination and initial plant growth
  • Improve crop plants tolerance towards various biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • Improvement in no of tillers stem thickness early maturity etc.has also been observed
  • Better and faster development of flowers and fruits.
  • High yield of better quality

Application Method and Usage:

  • Granular Indo Boom is used as Soil Application:
  • In case of Sugarcane, Turmeric Ginger used at the rate of 4 -5 Kg /acre, while in other crops used at the rate of 2.0 – 2.5 Kg/acre

Application Time:

  • Indo boom can be applied during initial growth states to flowering fruit
  • It can also be applied any time to recover crop from any environmental stress

Recommended Crops:

all crops