Description : Chelated Iron as Fe EDTA 12%
Category : Crop Nutrition

FERINDO contains the water soluble chelated Iron (12% EDTA) means for agricultural uses. It is also one of the important pant nutrient, it works as a carrier for Oxygen and plays an important role in various plant metabolic activities and development of plants.


It promotes formation of chlorophyll and enzyme production, It plays an important role in various reactions involving cell division and plant growth., The Iron deficiency in crops known as iron chlorosis or lime the dark green veins giving the leaves a spidery look. Over time leaves becomes whitish and start to die back eventually resulting in stunting and dying back of the entire plant., Application of FERINDO cure the iron chlorosis.

Application Time:

Soil application @ 3-5kg/acre

Recommended Crops:

all pulses & oilseeds in normal soils and in all crops in alkaline soils