INDO ACTIVE (Manganese Sulphate 30.5%)

Description : Manganese Sulphate 30.5%
Category : Crop Nutrition

INDO ACTIVE Manganese Sulphate 30.5% is a very popular source of Manganese Micronutrient. It contains manganese and Sulphur, which are essential for plants growth and development. This is a completely water soluble agricultural grade micronutrient fertilizer


It functions as a part of certain enzyme systems, It also helps in the chlorophyll synthesis process in plants, Plant growth may reduce and stunt due to its deficiency., Its deficiency can be seen by the interveinal chlorosis on the young leaves., Helps to increase the yield qualitatively and quantitatively., Helps to develop disease resistance in crops.

Application Time:

Method of Application - It is used as foliar sprays, drip & sprinkler irrigation methods. For better results in foliar application, spray it both sides of leaves Dosages: Apply INDO ACTIVE Manganese Sulphate 30.5% @ 5 g/lit of water It is recommended to be applied during early vegetative growth phase preferably 2-3 days before the 1st irrigation If required, the application can be repeated at the interval of 15-20 days It will give better results if sprayed on a sunny day

Recommended Crops:

All crops