Description : Chelated Zinc as Zn EDTA 12%
Category : Crop Nutrition

ZINDO contains completely water soluble chelated Zinc (12% EDTA) meant for agricultural uses. Zinc is one of the essential plant nutrient which is crucial for crop growth. It is required for various enzyme system for their functions in plant growth.


It is necessary for chlorophyll production, starch and carbohydrate formation., Support in the process of seed formation, It improves the quality of produce (eg grain shine), The deficiency of zinc causes chlorosis - yellowing of leaves, often interveinal., We can also see necrotic spots - death of leaf tissue on areas of chlorosis;, The chlorotic areas may turn bronze into colour

Application Time:

Soil application: 500 g/ acre Foliar application: 200g/acre for field crops, in case of horticultural crops use @ 0.75-1.5 g/lit of water.

Recommended Crops:

all crops, where iron deficiency symptoms are seen