Active Ingredient : Thiamethoxam 25% WG
Category : Insecticide
Packaging : 100 gm, 5 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 Kg
Suggested Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Rice (Paddy) Stem borer Gall midge Leaf folder WBPH BPH GLH Thrips Whorl Maggot 100 gm
Cotton Jassid Aphids White flies 100 gm
Mango Hoppers 200 gm
Wheat Aphid 100 gm
Mustard Aphid 50 gm
Tomato White flies (Soil Drenching) 50-100 gm
Brinjal White Flies 400 gm
Potato Jassids 200 gm
Mango Aphids (Foliar Application) 100 gm
Wheat Aphids (Soil Drench) 200 gm
Mustard Jassids Aphids Whiteflies Thrips 100 gm
Tomato Mosquito bug 100 gm
Brinjal Psylla 100 gm
Potato Aphids 100 gm
Product Feature:

GABRU is a systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action, It is a novel insecticide for controlling various caterpillar and sucking insect pest in many crops, It can also control various sucking pests which have developed resistance to other conventional insecticides, Rapidly taken up into the plants and has acropetal movement through the xylem, Due to translaminar and systemic action it is easily absorbed and translocated in whole plant therefore effectively control the hiding insects, It gives quick control of sucking pests., It has a good rain fastness property, It leaves no residue which mean target specific and is environmentally highly acceptable, Comparatively safer to the beneficial insects, It also prevents the spread of diseases like leaf curl in Cotton by controlling insect vectors of diseases

Mode of Action:

GABRU belongs to the neonicotinoid group of insecticide and it acts on the central nervous system of insects, Immediately after coming to the contact/intaking the GABRU insect stops feeding, Affected sucking insects do not penetrate the plant tissue again, It interferes with postsynaptic nicotinic acetyl choline receptors site of the insect nervous system, Due to irreversible blockage of postsynaptic nAChRs leads to the hyperexcitation of the nerves, Hyperexcitation followed by convulsions and eventual paralysis of the insects. This results the death of insects


No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically