Active Ingredient : Sulphur 80% WDG
Category : Fungicide
Packaging : 3kg
Suggested Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Grapes Powdery mildew 1.875-2.50 Kg
Cowpea Powdery mildew 1.875-2.50 Kg
Guar Powdery mildew 1.875-2.50 Kg
Pea Powdery mildew 1.875-2.50 Kg
Cumin Powdery mildew 1.875-2.50 Kg
Apple Scab 1.875-2.50 Kg
Mango Powdery mildew 1.875-2.50 Kg
Wheat Powdery mildew 2.5 kg
Product Feature:

INDO MAXSULF is a dust free flowable micronised sulphur granules ease of measuring & handling., It has instant dispersion and high suspensability in water therefore it doesn’t cause scorching., Triple action – It works as fungicide micronutrient (Sulphur) and miticide., It has sustained action for longer effect., There are no stains on fruits & leaves after spraying nor do leaves get burnt.

Mode of Action:

INDO MAXSULF is broad spectrum contact and protective fungicide & miticide., It also provides Sulphur which is essential plant nutrient., It is a preventive fungicide which prevents fungal spores from germinating, It also has vapour action the vapor react with fungal spores and other plant tissue to produce hydrogen sulfide the active toxic agent.


No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically