Active Ingredient : Paclobutrazol 250 g/l
Category : PGR
Packaging : 100 ml & 250 ml
Application Time:

  • Use RESULT 250 SC before fruiting phase to inhibit vegetative growth and to improve fruit set
  • Can be used as foliar spray, soil drech or by trunk injection

Registered Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Mango Increase the number of flowers 1 ml/l water/tree
Suggested Uses:
Crop Target Pest Formulation concentration
Apple (Apel) Increase the number of flowers; Increase the number of fruits harvested; Increase the weight per fruit; fruit weight per tree and estimated yield per hectare 2 ml/l
Cucumber (Timun) Increase the number of flowers; number of fruits; yield of fruit / plant; yield / hectare 2 ml/l
Potato (Kentang) Increase tuber weight; yield / crop; yield / plot; yield / hectare 2 ml/l
Shallot (Bawang Merah) Increase the number of tubers / clump; tuber weight / plot; tuber yield / hectare 2 ml/l
Tomato (Tomat) Increase the number of flowers; number of fruits; fruit weight; fruit yield / plant; yield / hectare 2 ml/l
Product Feature:

  • RESULT 250 SC is Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) containing Paclobutrazol 250 g/l
  • It is used on fruit trees to inhibit vegetative growth and to improve fruit set
  • On pot-grown ornamentals and flower crops (e.g. chrysanthemums, begonias, freesias, poinsettias and bulbs) to inhibit growth
  • On rice to increase tillering, reduce lodging, and increase yield; on turf to retard growth; and on grass seed crops to reduce height and prevent lodging
  • Environment friendly product when used in accordance with its label imposes and has a low toxicity against mammalian, birds and aquatic organisms.


  • RESULT 250 SC adalah Zat Pengatur Tumbuh (ZPT) yang mengandung Paklobutrazol 250 g/l
  • Digunakan pada pohon buah-buahan untuk menghambat pertumbuhan vegetatif dan untuk meningkatkan pembentukan buah
  • Pada tanaman hias dan bunga dalam pot (misalnya krisan, begonia, freesia, poinsettia, dan umbi) untuk menghambat pertumbuhan
  • Pada padi untuk meningkatkan anakan, mengurangi rebah, dan meningkatkan hasil; di rumput untuk menghambat pertumbuhan; dan pada tanaman benih rumput untuk mengurangi ketinggian dan mencegah rebah
  • Produk yang ramah lingkungan bila digunakan sesuai dengan labelnya memberikan dan memiliki toksisitas yang rendah terhadap mamalia, burung dan organisme air

Mode of Action:

  • Plant growth regulator taken up into the xylem through the leaves, stems, or roots, and translocated to growing sub-apical meristems. Produces more compact plants and enhances flowering and fruiting.
  • The growth regulating properties of paclobutrazol are mediated by changes in the levels of important plant hormones including the gibberellins (GAs), abscisic acid (ABA) and cytokinins (CK). 
  • Paclobutrazol (PBZ) affects the isoprenoid pathway, and alters the levels of plant hormones by inhibiting gibberellin synthesis and increasing cytokinins level. 
  • When gibberellins synthesis is inhibited, more precursors in the terpenoid pathway accumulate and that resulted to the production of abscisic acid. 
  • PBZ has been used to provide plant protection against numerous abiotic stresses such as chilling, water deficit stress, flooding and salinity. 
  • Paclobutrazol acts as stress protectant by maintaining relative water content, membrane stability index, photosynthetic activity, photosynthetic pigments and protects the photosynthetic machinery by enhancing the level of osmolytes, antioxidant activities and level of endogenous hormones and thereby enhances the yield.


No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically (if there is any antidote known then please mention its name)

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