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About Us

IN ‘DO’ IN believes each INdividual can DO INfinite things. Core philosophy of the company lies in realizing true potential of individual partners in delivering value. This is joint effort by all levels of value chain providing best solutions to the customers. It is the right of the customer to get best value for its spend and its our responsibility and commitment to deliver the same. Group key focus is agribusiness with current specialization in Agrochemicals and ecofriendly Nutrional products. We are producing research base agricultural inputs ensuring high quality products of International standards.

PT Indoin Business Group

Founded 7 years ago, PT Indoin Business Group had a very humble start in Indonesia, with a limited product range and resources. Since its inception, our company has experienced a multi-fold growth in its business, product portfolio, and team members. Currently one of the most aggressive and rapidly growing companies in Indonesia, Indoin has built its presence across various parts of the country. The company credits its phenomenal success and expansion to its dedicated team, unique marketing strategies, the trust of its business partners, and the value that it has created for its end customers. We are constantly working on progressing ahead to embark on a journey that would be even more exciting, as we look forward to introducing multiple unique and latest off patented products to our portfolio. We are ready for ADDING VALUE BUILDING TRUST across value chain .

PT Masco Agri Genetics

In our quest to provide complete Agri input solutions to the farmers, we moved one step ahead in the year 2017 and introduced our Seed Portfolio with Corn Hybrids which became instantly acceptable at farmer level right from first year. Year 2019-20 has witnessed successful Corn Hybrid local seed production results under our close supervision. The production volumes are already scaling up multi fold right from next season. For last 3 years, dedicated product development team across islands of Indonesia working round the year, are testing and screening best fit vegetable Hybrids sourced from top breeding companies and universities across globe. The hard and efficient work has led to selection of high yielding and most adaptable vegetable seed range for multiple crops. The company is ready to sow its SEEDS OF SUCCESS.

Indoin Biolife Pvt. Ltd

India as home ground was always a natural first choice for market expansion and the footprint is the proud start of our journey of aspiring Global player. Introduction of Bio Fertilizers and Nutrition range followed by Agrochemicals in a very short span of time is result of dedicated team and strong system processes developed in last 5 years. Quick expansion of business network across North Indian states have set the right stage for next level expansion plan in almost 12 Indian states in couple of months. In house production for multiple CIB registrations and Tie ups with partner companies for various unique products powered with strong marketing team is ready to create visible market presence. We are ready for ADDING VALUE BUILDING TRUST across value chain.


Spirit of Indoin

Celebrate the diversity of culture, people, traditions, crops and agribusiness with Spirit of Passion, Intergrity, Value Creation, Ownership, Trust and Team Work.

Words from CEO

Despite a consistent increase of farm output in last few decades, the growth from farm income is still not in pace with other sectors which have progressed multifold. Agri input industry with affordable solutions combined with new technology could be leading factor to bring big change. This is the time for Farmers to get the REAL VALUE and INDOIN is committed to bring REAL PROSPERITY they deserve.

Pradeep Bahuguna